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Boeing 747
 Boeing 747 Misc Hat Pin0001
DC 10
 DC 10 Misc Hat Pin0002
Ferry Boat
 Ferry Boat Misc Hat Pin3133
Goodyear Blimp
 Goodyear Blimp Misc Hat Pin5735
Hamilton Standard insignia
 Hamilton Standard insignia Mil Hat Pin 15242
Hot Air Balloon
 Hot Air Balloon Misc Hat Pin5736
J-3 Piper
 J-3 Piper Mil Hat Pin 15764
Lycoming Product
 Lycoming Product insignia Mil Hat Pin 15565
Paddlewheel Boat
 Paddlewheel Boat Misc Hat Pin5543
Piper Cub
 Piper Cub Mil Hat Pin 15765
Red Baron
 Red Baron Misc Hat Pin 15205
Tug Boat
 Tug Boat Misc Hat Pin3390
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