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'55 Fire Chief Car
 '55 Fire Chief Car Auto Hat Pin6886
Hot '34 car
 '34 hot car Auto Hat Pin5760
Mini Van
 Mini Van Auto Hat Pin6294
Jeep military
 Jeep military Auto Hat Pin5751
Metropolitan - black
 Metropolitan - black Auto Hat Pin5801BK
Metropolitan - Red
 Metropolitan - Red Auto Hat Pin5801RD
Metropolitan - turquoise
 Metropolitan - turquoise Auto Hat Pin5801TQ
Metropolitan - Yellow
 Metropolitan - Yellow Auto Hat Pin5801YL
Metro Convert. Turquoise
 Metro Convert. Turquoise Auto Hat Pin6031TQ
Metro Convert. - Black
 Metro Convert. - Black Auto Hat Pin6031BK
Metro Convert. - Red
 Metro Convert. - Red Auto Hat Pin6031RD
Metro Convert. - Yellow
 Metro Convert. - Yellow Auto Hat Pin6031YL
Tucker blue
 Tucker blue Auto Hat Pin6822BL
Tucker black
 Tucker black Auto Hat Pin6822BK
Tucker Maroon
 Tucker Maroon Auto Hat Pin6822MR
Tucker blue
 Tucker blue Auto Hat Pin6823B
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