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CPO Navy
 CPO Navy Mil Hat Pin15235
USN - Third Class Right
 USN - Third Class Right Mil Hat Pin14384
USN - Third Class Left
 USN - Third Class Left Mil Hat Pin14458
USN - Second Class - Right
 USN - Second Class - Right Mil Hat Pin14457
USN - First Class
 USN - First Class Mil Hat Pin14382
Petty Officer Third Class
 Petty Officer Third Class Mil Hat Pin14396
Petty Officer E5 2nd Class
 Petty Officer E5 Second Class Mil Hat Pin14397
Petty Officer E6 1st Class
 Petty Officer E6 First Class Mil Hat Pin14398
Senior Chief PO E-8
 Senior Chief Petty Officer E-8 Mil Hat Pin14400
Master Chief PO E-9
 Master Chief Petty Officer E-9 Mil Hat Pin14401
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