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Navy Corpsman
 Navy Corpsman Mil Hat Pin15243
Navy Seal Team 1
 Navy Seal Team 1 Mil Hat Pin14991
Navy Seal Team 2
 Navy Seal Team 2 Mil Hat Pin14990
Navy Seal Team 3
 Navy Seal Team 3 Mil Hat Pin14993
Navy Seal Team 4
 Navy Seal Team 4 Mil Hat Pin14916
Navy Seal Team 5
 Navy Seal Team 5 Mil Hat Pin14992
River Patrol Force
 River Patrol Force Mil Hat Pin14822
River Rats
 River Rats Mil Hat Pin15239
River Rats Vietnam
 River Rats Vietnam Mil Hat Pin14923
 Seabees Mil Hat Pin14736
Submarine Vet
 Submarine Vet Mil Hat Pin14738
The Cats Night Out
 The Cats Night Out Mil Hat Pin15118
Tin Can Navy
 Tin Can Navy Mil Hat Pin15947
Tom Cat
 Tom Cat Mil Hat Pin14951
Tonkin Gulf
 Tonkin Gulf Mil Hat Pin14675
Top Gun
 Top Gun Mil Hat Pin15766
US Navy Great Lakes
 US Navy Great Lakes Mil Hat Pin15748
United States Navy
 United States Navy Mil Hat Pin14092
Navy Honorable Discharge
 Navy Honorable Discharge Mil Hat Pin14232
US Navy Retired
 US Navy Retired Mil Hat Pin14379
US Navy Retired
 US Navy Retired Mil Hat Pin14380
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